About Yumemiya

Our Concept
The thing we look forward to most when crafting our products is hearing our customers exclaim. ‘It’s so cute’. This is when we feel the most satisfaction. The simple happiness created in this moment is what gives meaning to our work.

At the same time, it is also important for our craftsmen to feel they would like the product as well.

whether making ornaments, accessories, or bags it is our belief that we must continue to make goods that we ourselves would enjoy. While it is a constant battle with costs, we take pleasure in our craftsmanship and, believing in ourselves, happily work day in and day out to produce crafts that are both useful and original. We look forward to continuing to create items that provide our customers with both comfort and enjoyment.
we hope the warmth poured in our products remains with you long after.

Our Company
Company name : Yumemiya Inc.
President : Keiko Iida
Legal capital : 15 million JPY
Established : 1976
Address : Momoyama-Mitsukemachi 20 Fushimi-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Work : Japanese traditional items specialty company.

We have three stores!
Hanachirusato (Uji, Kyoto)

Yumemiya (Kyoto, Kyoto)

Kiteya Soho (New York, NY)